Fayetteville State University Athletic Club

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Please send completed application to:

                                                        FSU Athletic Club, Inc.
                                                        Attention: Membership
                                                        P.O. Box 2894
                                                        Fayetteville, NC 28302



(Revised May 21, 1998)
(Edited April 22, 1999)
(Revised June 03 , 2010)

Amended January 16, 2014



The principal office of the Fayetteville State University Athletic Club, Incorporated (herein after referred to as the Corporation) shall be located in Fayetteville, North Carolina (Cumberland County). 


A.    To promote the recreational and social development among the Fayetteville State University Community;

B.     To support FSU in generating financial support for educational programs and services, especially intercollegiate athletics;

C.     To work with the Division of Institutional Advancement and the Division of Business and Finance to ensure all funds are properly recorded and allocated. 


Membership in the Corporation shall be accorded to the following class upon the payment of annual dues: Active 

Active members shall be eligible to hold office after a minimum of six months. All members may vote on any and all matters of the corporation;

Active members are entitled to full use of all services, facilities, and privileges offered by the Corporation. 


A.  Shall be composed of the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Master of Arms; 

B.   Shall supervise and control expenditures for purchase of Corporation  properties; 

C.    Shall provide technical assistance to the Corporation’s President; 

D.  Shall evaluate presidential decisions on matters in the best interest of the corporation;

E.  Shall conduct board action pertaining to the removal of Corporation’s  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for cause of violation of Corporation’s constitution and oath of office; 

F.  Shall conduct board action for cause and violation of bylaws and confirm presidential appointments; and 

G.  Shall act as a trustee for the Corporation. 


SECTION 1.   The elected officers of the Corporation shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and  Treasurer. 

SECTION 2.   Qualification - Any active member who is in good standing with the Corporation prior to election is eligible to hold an elected or appointed office in the Corporation after  a minimum of six months. 

SECTION 3.   Elections - The Officers of the Corporation shall be elected every two years by majority vote.

SECTION 4.   The duties of the Officers shall be those usually associated with their respective offices:  

A.  The President shall:

1.  Be the principal executive of the Corporation;

2.  Supervise and control all business and affairs of the Corporation;

3.  Preside at all meetings;

4.   Enter into contracts on behalf of the Corporation with the Concurrence of the Board of Directors;

5.  Give instructions to the Secretary as to the distribution of Certificates of Membership, preparation and publication of minutes;

6.   Be the registered agent of the Corporation; 

7.  Collaborate with the Treasurer in the preparation of monthly financial statements of the Corporation; 

8.   Appoint a Parliamentarian and a Master of Arms; 

9.   Appoint such committees as are considered necessary or advisable by the Board of Directors for the conduction of the business and functions of the Corporation: 

10.  Be empowered to conduct routine business with the Board of Directors at his/her discretion; and

 11.  To accommodate the geographical separation of its members.

B.  The Vice President Shall:

1. In the absence of the President or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, performs the duties of President.

2.  Be a member of the board of directors;

3.  Have no appointive powers unless authorized by the President.

 C.    The Secretary Shall: 

1.  Attend and keep the minutes of all meetings of the Corporation and all meetings of the Board of Directors and Executive Board in one or more books provided for these purposes; 

2.  Be the custodian of the Corporation Seal and official records of the Corporation and insure that the Seal is affixed to documents executed by the Corporation; 

3.   Perform all duties incidental to the office of Secretary and such other duties as assigned by the President;

4.   Ensure that all notices are duly given; 

5.   Receive all applications and monies for membership, issue receipts for dues received and turn over funds to the Treasurer; maintain roster of all current members; 

6.   Shall be bonded;

7.   Receive monies due and turn over to the Treasurer to be recorded on monthly financial statements of the Corporation; 

8.   Furnish copies of minutes to all members for approval at general membership meetings; 

9.   Receive all incoming inquires and related communications pertaining to Corporation activities from the post office box; 

10.   Prepare answers to inquires for the President’s signature, and dispatch replies;

11.   Procure and maintain a post office box for the Corporation; and

12.   Maintain an email and phone database of all members. 

D.    The Treasurer shall: 

1.   Be the custodian and therefore be responsible for all funds of the Corporation.; 

2.   Shall be bonded; 

3.   Receive funds from committees using the Corporation’s deposit form and monies payable to the Corporation from any source; Receive Check Request Forms and issue checks as specified with accompanying receipts and invoices;  

4.   Deposit all such monies in the name of the Corporation in banks, trust companies, or other depositories and designated by the Board of Directors within a forty eight (48) hours period. 

5.   Be responsible for the preparation of the monthly financial  statements and furnish copies at the Executive Board and General membership monthly meetings to all members of the Corporation and one file copy to the office of the Secretary; 

6.   Submit a semi-annual financial report to the Board of Directors on June 30th and December 31st of each year; 

7.   Perform all other duties assigned by the President that are incidental to the Office of the Treasurer; and 

8.   Arrange for financial reports to be audited annually by a CPA; forward copy to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance and to the, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement at FSU. 

E.    The Parliamentarian shall: 

1.    Be appointed by the President;

2.    Be a member of the Board of Directors; 

3.    Attend committee meetings; 

4.    Provide advice to protect the Corporation’s interest and members’ rights; 

5.    Serve as interpreter of all Corporation documents, i.e., Articles of the Corporation, bylaws, and policies; 

6.    Perform all other duties assigned by the President; and 

7.    Use the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order as a guide for orderly structure of the Corporation. 

F.     The Master of Arms shall: 

1.    Be appointed by the President; 

2.    Be a member of the Board of Directors; and 

3.    Supervise and maintain an orderly environment at all functions of the Corporation. 

G.     The Recorder shall:  (Optional Position) 

1.    Be appointed by the President; 

2.    Maintain an email data base of all members; 

3.    Be a member of the Secretary’s office; and  

4.    In the absence of the Secretary or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, performs the duties of the Secretary. 


SECTION 1.      The Executive Board shall be composed of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons and members as appointed by the President of the Corporation. The recourse to action of the Executive Board and/or membership at large will be found with the Board of Directors. 

SECTION 2.       The Executive Board Shall: 

A.    Conduct all board action related to Corporation matters; 

B.    Forward their board action and recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval; 

C.    Review all proposals and recommendations approved by the Board of  Directors for discussion and passage by the general membership. 


SECTION 1.         

A limitation on the number of terms an officer may serve for a single position is 2 terms (4 years); consecutively or non-consecutively for their life of the club as an active member. The officers of the Corporation shall be elected every two years by the membership during the month of June.The election process will be conducted as outlined in Section 2. 

SECTION 2.         

1.      President appoints nominating committee during April meeting;

2.      Nominations presented to membership at May meeting;

3.      The nominating committee will be responsible for preparing, mailing and receiving the ballots;

4.      Ballots will be mailed out to members after May meeting;

5.      Ballots must be returned and post-marked as specified before June general meeting;

6.      Ballots to be opened and tallied at the June meeting;

a.      The presiding officer appoints tellers (including a “Chairman of Tellers”) to count the ballots.

b.      After counting, the tellers will prepare a written report.  The Chairman of Tellers reads the report and officially announces who has won.

c.       The Tellers’ Report is signed by the tellers and entered into the minutes.

7.   Elected officers shall preside at the first official meeting in July. 


SECTION 1.    Any officer or agent elected by the Corporation, shall be removed by the Board of Directors whenever, in its judgment, the best interest of the Corporation would be served thereby. 

SECTION 2.     Any member of the Corporation has the right to initiate a request, in writing, for removal from office of an elected official. 

SECTION 3.     The procedures for the removal of an elected official from office are: 

A.  The written request shall be given to the Chairperson of the Executive Board; 

B.  The Chairperson of the Executive Board shall forward the request to the Board of Directors; 

C.   The President must appoint a committee to investigate the written facts of the request; 

D.   The committee shall forward its findings to the Executive Board; 

E.    The Executive Board shall review the action and forward it with  recommendations to the Board of Directors; 

F.    The Board of Directors shall review the findings and present them to the Chairperson of the Executive Board; 

G.    The Chairperson of the Executive Board shall present the findings to the general membership; 

H.    The membership shall review all facts of the written request and vote on the request for the removal of an elected official. 


SECTION 1.   There shall be annual dues for all active members set by the membership. All membership dues shall be cleared by December 31st of each year.  All other financial matters shall be cleared by June 30th, the end of the fiscal year. 

SECTION 2.   Membership dues of the Fayetteville State University Athletic Club will be used for operational expenses, including but not limited to office supplies, postage, etc. 

Funds generated by fundraisings will be disbursed to the Fayetteville State University Athletic Scholarships for distributed sports by name and class to maintain and strengthen the athletic program with provisions made for fundraising expenses.          


SECTION 1.      The monthly meetings of the general membership shall be held as designated by the Corporation. 


SECTION 1.       Voluntary resignations shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Board.

SECTION 2.       Involuntary resignations shall be acted upon by the Executive Board with final disposition by the Board of Directors. 


SECTION 1.      Elected officials shall be sworn in by the Fayetteville State University Athletic Incorporated Parliamentarian at the first official meeting in July. This will be the first order of business at this meeting. 


The rules contained in the current edition  of Robert’s Rules of Orders, Newly Revised shall govern the Corporation in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Corporation may adopt. 


These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the Corporation by a two-thirds (2/3) vote, provided that the amendment with justification has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting. 

Standing Rules of the Fayetteville State University
Athletic Club Incorporation
(Revised November 12, 2009)
(Revised May 12, 2010) 

“Standing rules are related to the details of the administration of an organization rather than to parliamentary procedures, and which can be adopted or changed upon the same conditions as any ordinary act of the organizations.”  (Robert’s Rule of Order Newly Revised _____ Edition) 

A standing rule can be adopted by a majority vote at any business meeting without previous notice.  It remains in effect until rescinded or amended. 

Rule Number 1.  The regular meeting of the Fayetteville State University Athletic Club will convene on the third Thursday of each month. 

Rule Number 2.  The regular meeting of the Fayetteville State University Athletic Club Executive Board will convene the second Thursday of each month. 

Rule Number 3.  The minutes shall contain a record of what was done at a meeting.  Once the minutes have been approved, they should be signed by the president and the secretary. 

Rule Number 4.  Annual membership dues are based on membership level (i.e. Triple Crown - $1,000; Belmont - $500; Preakness - $250; Derby - $150). 

Rule Number 5.  Each person’s membership application shall include name, address, telephone number and email address. 

Rule Number 6.  Each member shall receive a membership certificate with their name and month/year of expiration (example: June 1999 – June 2000). 

Rule Number 7.  The fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.    

Rule Number 8.  To be eligible to vote, a person must be a member in good standing prior to an election.